The short answer...

Studio range is from £895. This is one of the team generally & starts with digital files as the final presentation. Half-day coverage as standard.

Signature is me personally (assuming I am not already booked) & I love to shoot the whole day. Usually starting with the lads quite early before going on to the Bride. Later finish too with some cool images after First Dance for what I call my 'closing shots' (look great at the end of your album). Price from £2k depending on album choice & one or two other factors.

The ethos...

I have been a wedding photographer for many years now.
I have seen styles come & go - equipment has changed entirely & influenced how we all work. Cameras are smaller & easier to use - especially when working in low light.
When we moved across from film, a whole new world opened up for digital retouching & amazing vivid colours.

The negative side to this new technology has been a massive influx of 'weekend-warriors' - part-time photographers with little or no experience but an expensive digital SLR camera.
Having grabbed some decent shots at a friend's wedding they assume they can suddenly become wedding photographers.
They work out a price based on earning enough to pay for the new kit & away they go!

We all have to start somewhere of course. I spent years working in photography as an assistant (+ shooting not so critical subjects) before I ever dared to tackle a wedding alone.
For me, the responsibility was just too great & I never wanted to let anybody down. There are so many variables on a wedding day & only the one chance to get it all right!

If you are looking for a cheap weekend-warrior photographer then I'm afraid you are on the wrong site.

If, however, you are still reading this then I assume you are looking for something pretty fantastic & appreciate just how much goes into Amazing Wedding Photography.

I have a certain style & it's not for couples who want to be left alone on their Big Day.
You will see from my portfolio there's a definite 'Glossy Magazine' look to my images.
There will be much of the day where I blend in & capture what happens in a reportage style. 
I still expect to get all the required elements throughout the day too (signing the register/cutting the cake/groups).
But - the overriding desire is for Glamour & Passion!

A couple of years ago I decided to turn my price guide on it's head.
Instead of starting with the basic package & building from that I now offer collections including all the features I know my clients will fall in love with.
It's my job to make my Brides look & feel fantastic + Grooms cool & groovy too!
From the first meeting before you book, until I deliver the stunning album, it's all about you having the most amazing day & between us, creating fantastic images.

Most of my collections include a pre-shoot (beach is my favourite) + photographic coverage on the day from early with the lads right through until past First Dance.
During the evening reception your guests can enjoy an amazing slide-show (images from the day itself) presented on a large flat screen TV.
All the album design work is done in-house (& you are invited to be part of the process) so your Wedding Book is uniquely your's & absolutely awesome!
The retouching in post-production is the finest you will find - nothing goes to print until it's perfect.

We call this page 'Investment'.
I prefer the term to 'Pricing' because there is so much more that goes into a Dan Casson wedding & you are investing in something that has so much value.

I guarantee to do all I can on your most important day to give you everything you could hope & wish for.
I promise you will have a Wedding Book that is truly gorgeous & you will treasure as a family heirloom.

My 'Signature' collections including pre-shoot, full-day photography, evening slide-show + Graphistudio Wedding Book are from £1950.
Bespoke deals are available - especially for mid-week or low-season dates.

If you are looking for something truly amazing, with images to drool over, contact me now to check availability & discuss the various options.


Getting married at STOCK BROOK COUNTRY CLUB & looking for something a little bit more 'relaxed'?
email now to hear about the special 'Studio' range for this fantastic venue!